Paracast Interviews the Alien Hunter

February 28, 2014 in "Uncovering Aliens", alien abduction cases, Alien Implants, Media Appearances

Enjoyed being interviewed by Gene Steinberg of The Paracast and my long-time buddy, researcher/author Chris O’Brien (Ancient Aliens, Mysterious Valley). I love the tough questions the most: Alien implants, physical evidence, my alien abduction research…bring it on! You can download the interview here: NOW PLAYING! February 23, 2014 — Derrel Sims Let me know what you think!  

Farm Planet

February 8, 2014 in alien abduction cases

I’m fortunate to have some friends in this field that support my view of the alien abduction phenomenon. In a recent email discussion among researchers, a pal of mine just absolutely nailed it. Not sure he wants to be identified, so I’ll just say for now, this is from Mr. T.: “Derrel Sims is a friend of mine. He sums it all up quite well– ‘This is a farm planet and we are the cattle.’ But most people are too arrogant to admit this. Some of it is caused by
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